Technical equipment


Our patients are the focus of everything we do. We support you with comprehensive consultations and professional expertise – we understand all the concerns, questions, and fears regarding your treatment. As part of our high quality standards we also offer you the best possible technical equipment for every treatment. Our dental practice is home to a modern operating room for complex oral surgery. Our team will also be at your side prior to, during, and following your surgery. You will be guaranteed a relaxed and calming atmosphere in our fully-equipped recovery room.


Highly precise diagnosis in 3D imagery gives both you and us a high level of planning security. Prior to your surgery we will treat you effectively, and we will define exactly the position of your implant. Thanks to the modern medical technology we use we can analyse the state of your bones and your jaw structure exactly. This means that we can prevent injury to adjacent teeth, nerves, and blood vessels. Being a highly intelligent navigation system, the 3D volume tomograph with its exact three-dimensional imagery leads us to the result desired.


We work closely with your treating dentist for all our surgical procedures. This is especially true of bone augmentation or implants. Prior to your surgical procedure we will create a three-dimensional model of your jaw. In doing so we use the innovative opportunities of dental computer-aided design (CAD) combined with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). This allows us to plan your surgical procedure prior to actually carrying it out on a computer in our laboratory. This is owing to CAD software. It is based on this data that bone augmentation and dental implants will be carried out.