The PONTE Design brand has existed since 2011. The motivation to constantly improve existing techniques and technologies was how the partnership between Dr. Ponte and the “Ustomed” company for dental tools was brought about. The goal of this partnership is to develop new tools.   

These tools are a combination of German steel and precision and Italian design. Apart from their beautiful design, these tools have unique functional properties. This is how the “Ellypsis” tweezers were created as one of the first products in this range (Download brochure). These tweezers allow the dental professional carrying out the surgery to hold a piece of bone or a membrane exactly in position while transplantion is in progress. 

In addition to this an osteosynthesis kit was developed. This consists of the directionally oriented “Versus” micro screws. Their main feature is also that they are extremely easy to handle. PONTE design products have been sold globally since 2012 – this has always been in the context of continuous professional development courses aimed at allowing colleagues to improve their skills.