Implants of the best of quality, highly aesthetically pleasing, and very true to the natural original – this is what modern-day implantology has to offer you. Tiny posts made of fully bio-compatible titanium replace the root of the tooth. These grow into your jaw pain-free, and these will also carry the artificial crown of your new tooth. 

Being an internationally recognised and certified implantologist, I use my years of experience, the latest discoveries in science and technology as well as top-notch bio-compatible materials. Using digital 3D diagnostics and the computer-aided implantology that this enables us to use, we can achieve highly precise and safe results – regardless of whether you have lost a tooth, whether you have a larger gap between two teeth, your jaw is completely tooth-less or whether you have little jaw bone to begin with. 

AP an overview of implantology:

  • DVT computer-navigated reconstructive implantology
  • Interim implants
  • Bone augmentation of any level of intensity
  • Cooperation with an experienced team of anaesthetists
  • Top-notch bio-compatible materials such as titanium and ceramics
  • Close cooperation with colleagues specialising in prosthetics and their laboratories